Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Blog

So I saw this idea on another artist's blog and thought it was genius. My problem is that I designed a website several years ago, yes code.....and it was so hard. That was all fine until I changed all my technology to Mac last year. Now I have no way to update my website....and I have run into a few blocks in changing everything over to a new host, etc. So I thought I would make a pseudo website a la blogstyle for clients and other interested people to really view an updated list of paintings that are available and that have sold recently.
I also thought it would be a good tool for my galleries to send clients to see a larger body of my work and other paintings that are selling in other parts of the country. So I will keep it updated..... and that is my promise.
Hopefully it will be a good compliment to my art blog, but easier to see (without too much searching around) all the paintings that I am showing right now.....
So here we go!
I think I will list paintings and label them with the location. Got it? Not very complicated I know....but I have Mom brain (ie...mush).

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  1. Angella, thank you, I like so much your pictures!